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Dear art patron,
Please forgive me. It has come to my obvious inattention that I have missed a few e-mails and phone messages, for which I humbly, humbly apologize and request your forgiveness. At any time, should you call, text, or e-mail me, my acnowlegement should come to you within 24 hours. On occasion, messages on the studio line may take an extra day, especially if it's the weekend or I'm at a show. Again, I beg your forgiveness and urge you to call the cell.
If I don't respond within that reasonable time frame, please please call me on my cell. Time to time I'm simply buried. Each and every project, each and every art piece, each and every person who wishes to contact me matters. Equally. You matter. Just call again.
PS: You are not missing anything. My e-mail and cell is not on my website. They are on all business cards and cut sheets.
My office line is 310-399-5040.
Most Sincerely, Myra Burg

Myra Burg
171 Pier Ave. #353
Santa Monica, CA. 90405
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