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Dear Art Patron,

We have a rare opportunity! The following sculputral pieces are once again available. 'Glass Tapestry', 'Gibbous Moon', 'Wave Stream' and 'The Tulip Screen II' They can be shipped to you as shown or customized in color that suits you just right.

'The Tulip Screen II' is comprised of the original Tulip cut burnished aluminum frame of the first Tulip Screen re-wrapped with all new vibrant natural and synthetic fiber with a visible retro nod.

If you have a convex curved wall, there is a chance 'The Wave Stream' might fit, so please feel free to make contact. And if it doesn't fit closely enough, we'll create something that does!

The metal and fiber sculptural installations are a stunning juxtaposition of the coolness of metal with the warmth of fiber. We are saying farewell for now to these stunning and collectible pieces (as delightfully stated by the Wall Street Journal, April 2007.)

Current collaborations with Liz Cummings provide a whole new world of interactive color, material and dimension. Whatever preference suits you, we are happy to meet your every artistic need.

As long as we're home, let's beautify by adding art!

Please call us. We're friendly.
310-399-5040 - Office
310-780-0666 - Cell

~Most Sincerely, Myra Burg

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