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About the Cummings-Burg Gallery

More breathtaking art for your soul combines the Quiet Oboes with Liz Cummings Mixed Media Paintings here in the Gallery. This all began with combining iridescent paint on canvas with elements of hand wrapped fiber. You may have seen some of our collaborative installations on other pages of this website. Meet Liz Cummings, Painter Extroadinaire. We are two individual artists, working with completely separate media. And now, we operate gallery style, offering custom design, installation services and shipping domestically and nearly worldwide. We can also curate existing elements turning your space into a living gallery. Please call us. We're friendly. Even friendlier in pairs.

A little more history: Having met while doing art shows, we discovered that the Quiet Oboes worked beautifully with the hues in Liz' Landscape and Mediterranean painting series'. Her colors and countryside images gave birth to abstract landscapes, pure abstract pieces and modern architectural paintings. Iridescent, dimensional and brilliantly simple, the combination have proven to be fresh, luminous and irresistible with a geometry that places a new dimension to the more traditional single, diptych or triptych painting installations. Please enjoy some additional collaborative projects shown on the Gallery page. Whether yours is a new project, a re-installation of existing pieces or a blend of both, please call us. We friendly AND informative, and enjoy hearing your thoughts and your voice.

Liz: +1-949-510-2552

About Myra

Art, color and well designed form are irresistible elements to me. Structure, rhythm, geometry and space speak to me, perhaps an extension of me as an architect. All of these elements are nourishing, fulfilling and delicious. Art can be playful, even in the professional setting. I enjoy, and want the client to enjoy, the choosing, and the process of placing the art.

About the Quiet Oboe

The Quiet Oboe was inspired by the Australian Didgeridoo, an aboriginal musical instrument of wood, hollowed naturally by termites. Our Quiet Oboes are the American cousin, musical in their color combinations and rhythms.

More About Myra

Myra Burg is a licensed Architect, having graduated from California Polytechnic State University, Summa Cum Laude, 1982. Her specialty in architecture is design and construction administration. In other words, getting things done for clients. Beautifully. Whether she ships one Quiet Oboe or an entire installation, her forte is ensuring that the art fits the needs and wants of both the space and the client.

Building and installing art installations since 1977, Myra describes her process. "It's a passion. As a child, I loved to re-arrange the pens and pencils in a color spectrum. I even do it now with rocks and pebbles at the beach. It all begins with the spectrum of hue and shape." Personally, her sense of humor is warm and infectious; her natural way of connecting with you and addressing the depth of the project. 


Backstory of the Art

"Somewhere between architecture and jewelry for the wall, our goal is singular; to create breathtaking installations." The earlier pieces moved from sculptured hand tufted carpet to the more architectural installations comprised of burnished aluminum channel as a system for mounting the wrapped fiber cylinders to the wall. "The channels are an integral component of the art." So where did they go?

Myra explains the shift from the metal constructions to the Quiet Oboes. "After building multiple metal and fiber constructions, I was challenged to express myself on a single element, and thus, the birth of the Quiet Oboe. They are fun to produce. Installations remain flexible in that the pieces can be changed from a vertical to a horizontal configuration. Or augmented with more elements." The blend of Myra's training in architecture includes the client with the art. "When people see the work for the first time, I hear 'I need these' more than 'I want these.' My goal combines the practical and artistic approach to the project."

The Quiet Oboes have taken over and gone international, with clients in Canada, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Japan, Australia, Africa and other points around the globe. "Collectible." It's what the Wall Street Journal had to say about three of the American Craft Council's 1,500 artists. And Myra Burg is one of the three. A brief client list includes Warren Buffett, Sumitomo Corp. Japan, Bill Clinton, Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, The Mayo Clinic, a CIA training facility (we'd tell you where, but then we'd have to...)

Our list can include you. Please call us. We're friendly.

Myra Burg Quiet Oboes,171 Pier Ave.#353, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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