How Much Are They?

We invite you to share your space size and colors via e-mailed photo or narrative or both. Quiet Oboes are originals, each with its own character. We love to personalize our work for your artistic needs and help you choose how many, how big and what colors. And of course, please call us. We're friendly.


Project Size             Price Range         #Of Elements

Small                         $1,000 - $4,000           2 to 5 

Medium                     $2,500 - $6,500           3 to 10

Large & Commercial     $6,500 and up               7 and up

Need Examples? 

Individual Pieces 

Available in four beautiful diameters, standard lengths to 60" 

Bassoons 5"diameter 

      60"             $1,350

      40"                 $890

Baritones  3.5"  diameter

      40"                $450  

      30"                $350

Tenors      2.5" diameter

      60"                 $490

      40"               $350

 Sopranos   2” diameter

     40"                 $290

     20"                 $170

Standoffs  $10/ea.

Custom lengths = custom prices. It's just math.

Standard & custom lengths are plus or minus 5%

Quiet Oboes, multi colored in Bassoon, Baritone and Tenor diameters


Choose any images from the site as your color guide. Or, send us any photos you like as a color guide with some imagery of your space and we'll go from there!