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Vertical Installations

1. Find the mounting holes by looking through the length of the tube. We suggest starting with the most central hole.


2. Insert a short pencil into the hole and then hold the Quiet Oboe to the location on the wall for placement. Mark the identified hole location on the wall and place a drywall screw in the wall with the head angled upward and sticking out of the wall about 3/4".

3. Place the identified  hole over the angled screw.

4. For vertical placement, you’re done! You can place another drywall screw one of the ends to keep it from swinging out of plumb. For horizontal and diagonal, keep scrolling down.

Step back, be very proud, and consider adding another Quiet Oboe to your installation!

Vacuum your Quiet Oboes once or twice a year. Vacuum hose without attachments held one or two inches away from the fiber. We skip feather dusting as this only redistributes the dust elsewhere.

Vertical Installation Steps 1 to 4      

Installation and Care

Horizontal Installations


5. For horizontal placement, use steps 1-4 above, placing the piece over the drywall screw horizontally. Hold a level on top of or beneath the Quiet Oboe to check position. For the biggest ones, the Bassoons, it helps to have an accomplice for this step. Take a peek at the video. Its nice and short. Like me.

6. Make sure the mounting holes are tangent to the wall before driving another drywall screw into each end of the tube. Toenail the screw head upward and away from the center of the piece with the screw head about 1/4” to 1/2” away from the wall. The angle of the end screws locks the piece to the wall.


7. For diagonal placement, skip the level and go straight to the additional screws at the ends. 

Step back, be very proud. Consider adding another Quiet Oboe to your installation!

Horizontal Steps 5 to 7

Linear Canvas, Horizontal

Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

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Pickup Sticks
Like this idea? Click
for how to create 
“Pickup Sticks” installations!

Hanging Installations


We use stainless steel cable with beautiful machined stainless steel ceiling hardware. To ceiling hang, place one connector in the ceiling, drop the stainless steel cable through one end of the Quiet Oboe, down through the center of the piece, out the other end, and back up to the 2nd ceiling connector. 


Our favorite is Arakawa Hanging Systems. Their stainless steel hardware is stunning, functional and their people there are efficient, constructive and resourceful. Here’s how to reach Arakawa.

Floating in Palm Springs

Need Help? We Diagram!

We happily diagram any installation, like we did for Tiny, our model who demonstrates standoff hardware in the video on our Pickup Sticks page. We also install. We charge for it, but we’re worth it. On the other hand, when we ship, you’ll have all the information and you need to install. It’s satisfying and surprisingly easy. Or, you can hire a Tiny of your own and we’ll be available to you if you have questions.

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