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A brief installation overview in 3 minutes...

Standoffs & Pickup Sticks Projects

Standoff Hardware
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Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 9.28.28 AM.jpe
Installing Standoff Hardware

Begin by looking through your Quiet Oboe to locate the installation holes on the surface of the tube. (I'm 5'1", so for tall spaces, I favor the centermost hole for maximum reach without a ladder.) Locate the piece on the wall and mark the wall to correspond with the mounting hole.


Use a 5/8" spade bit for drywall, 15/64" for a wood stud, without the butterfly. Drill a hole for the standoff. Consider using a vacuum hose while drilling (see photo below) just as the dentist would if you had a cavity, which you probably won't have. Install the standoff, folding the butterfly and stuffing it through the hole. Pull back and tighten. If you've hit wood, screw the standoff sans butterfly into the 15/64" hole. Make sure the standoff bent end is upward. Slip the chosen mounting hole of the Quiet Oboe onto the standoff. For VERTICAL, you'll need a 2nd standoff. Keep reading. It’s easy.



Simple. Now you have one big piece floated off the wall with a standoff. Screw the bottom to the wall. Take another Quiet Oboes, rest it on the standoff at a festive or jaunty angle and screw that bottom to the wall. There are always holes at each end. This method is a giant time saver, really easy, and you can reverse this rested piece at will.

For any configuration in which the Quiet Oboes is floated with the 2nd standoff, use a short pencil placed it backward inside another hole at or near the end of the Quiet Oboe. You'll find holes in the soft fiber near the end of the cylinder, always one or two at each end. Use that pencil to mark the wall and repeat the standoff hardware instructions. Pliers are handy for rotating the 2nd standoff into a lock position. Unless you have mitts like Tiny.


Concrete, Masonry: We suggest Tapcon where drywall screws would be used. For standoff on masonry, a quick conversation with a local mason will bring you worlds more information than we can deliver, and faster. Of course, if you have questions, please call. We're friendly.

The Quick and Clean Cheaters’ approach to Pickup Sticks

1. “Tiny" Demonstrates
2. The Vacuum   method
3. Quick and Clean Cheaters’ approach

We happily diagram, like we did for Tiny, our model in the video above. All we need is a photo of your wall and the dimensions. We also install. We charge for it, but we’re worth it!


Whether you’re creating your own installation pattern or requesting ours, we ship all the information and hardware you need to install. It’s satisfying and surprisingly easy. Or, you can hire a Tiny of your own and we’ll be available to you should you have questions!

4. Need installation or a diagram?
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