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Applause:  Accolades, Street Cred & Client Love

But first, a brief note....

Im grateful to the incredible clients who've appreciated my work enough to make it their own. Mentors in many forms have made this career choice way more fun than work, and everyone who helped me even when they didn't know they were helping me do things that are this big. Thank you.  

Most sincerely,

Myra Burg

Notes from the sandbox, photo 1962 › articles

Jul 21, 2007 - Art advisor Lisa Austin eliminated nine of her initial picks, leaving her with a short list of three artists: Masuo Ojima, Myra Burg and Elaine Hyde. Of 1,500 American Craft Council artists. "Collectible."

Lisa Austin

Wall Street Journal

I am such a fan of creative souls. Myra Burg is such a soul. Her ability to blend texture, color & dimension is mind-boggling. 


We enjoy our Quiet Oboes as they bring so much joy to our home. Thank you Myra for shedding light and joy in our lives.


Janet Levine,

Fab Living, LLC


Best Party.jpg


I first discovered the artistic talent of Myra Burg through Google while searching for unique 3d wall art.

I live in Australia, so thought it would be almost impossible to convey what I wanted and obtain quotes.

However, Myra was a delight to deal with – so creative and patient which made the whole process a joy!

Myra has an amazing eye for colour combinations and how to set the pieces at the correct angles on the wall (the architect coming out!)


She's a pure artistic genius!


Felicity Bowman, Cairns, Australia

A note to the reader: That’s Felicity next to me in the photo. The cost of her trip to California was less than the cost of shipping to Cairns, Australia. And a spectacular time was had by all. Come back soon, Felicity. You’ve become family. 

Most sincerely, most fondly,


My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Myra Burg and Liz Cummings. Their art captured their attention. After installation in our home, the beautiful Quiet Oboes and canvas paintings became major focal points for our friends and families to enjoy. Like all art it brings us pleasure, smiles to our faces and enriches us each day!

Dennis Box, Esq.

Oklahoma City, OK

Boxed Parking

Note from the artist:

Liz and I met Dennis whilst trespassing with purpose on his property. 

We’re so grateful to not be in jail. Thank you Dennis and Chris


Notes on what not to do while setting an art show

Myra's Quiet Oboes transform a space from meh to wow!

We enjoy our Quiet Oboes the different textures and colors ignite our

imagination and enjoyment.


Ling-Yen Jones and Jon Handel

Jeweler and Photographer/Actor

"Myra is a keen artist well versed with the science of color, aesthetics, composition, architect, symmetry, dimensions, etc. She's also an intellect that's well read with a broad range of subjects ranging from history, philosophy, psychology, etc. Myra will create an original piece custom order to your lifestyle, your aura, and your home essence. She'll capture all this and will leave you with a sense of reflection and appreciation. Myra has a big heart and is a pleasure to work with!"

Michael Timothy Nguyen

FLUID Recruitment

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